Every year the jury is starting the review with the statement "every submitted film is a good one".

Altogether 45 independent judges evaluate the submitted entries. Half of these jury members are replaced by new appointed members every single year. The jury members are specialists in their specific field of work, such as travel agents, professors, students, executives, directors, ministers, consuls, ambassadors and artists. Most of them are frequent travelers themselves.

Basis of Evaluation

  • How clear is the statement of the film?
  • How well does the film fit to the target group?
  • How creative/innovative is the film?
  • Does the film encourage the audience to visit the destination/hotel or to buy the product?
  • Is the overall impression harmonious and authentic to the topic?
  • How long does the film remain in your memory?
  • Rating print (creativity, design, appealing)
  • Rating internet (rapidity, creative, clear structure, layout)

Evaluation Criteria

1) Visual + acoustic realization:

→ Quality of the picture design
→ Quality of the musical backing
→ Quality of the spoken text elements

2) Emotional effect:

→ Does the film encourage or excite the visitor to visit the country, the city, the region or the hotel?

3) Storytelling:

→ Is the overall impression consistent and authentic for the context?
→ How long does the movie stay in memory positively?

4) Information value:

→ How clear is the statement of the film?

5) Innovation & Creativity:

→ How well are visions or innovations of the tourism-industry presented?

6) Unusual picture design:

→ How well does the film appeal to the target group?

How clear is the message of the film? (Example)

10 points - absolutely clear,
8 points - quite clear
6 points - clear with some reflection,
4 points - Less clear
2 points - hardly understandable
0 Points - Absolutely unclear

Important note for the categories Print-Advertising and Campaign:

The submitted Print-contributions and campaigns will be evaluated according to the evaluation basis and additionally for their design aspects. All printouts for the categories Print and Campaign should be delivered in DIN A3 or DIN A 4 format. But can also be sent online in high resolution (PDF). The submitted online contributions (e.g. websites) are additionally evaluated for speed, clarity of structure and interactivity.
Please make sure that you upload or send the specific web addresses to clarify the context.

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