The Golden City Gate - the awarding of the highly coveted international tourism awards.

Your added value

  • You compete with international leading productions and creatives.
  • An independent international jury will evaluate your work under tourist aspects.
  • The award increased attention.
  • TV stations, magazines and newspapers around the world report about you.
  • You have a permanent reference of your work on the internet.
  • You can showcase your movie personally.
  • You will experience the international trends of artwork live.
  • We offer personal commitment.

Ad from Sri Lankan Air in in the newspaper

Sri Lankan Airlines

Billboard in Langkawi, Malaysia

what image shows

Sri Lankan Airline has spread a super ad with their won bears in their communication channels, worldwide. The Langkawi region of Malaysia was setting up a highway ad billboard with the won prizes at the airport, at the international exhibition center and in the city center each.

This is how the island of Langkawi (Malaysia), promoted The Golden City Gate during the PATA Congress.

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